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“Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.”  —Joseph Campbell

I took this picture yesterday in the golden hour at the care home. It’s me and some mythical creature, a nymph perhaps, caught in stone…and shadow. Caught between both worlds, I can relate with her. IMG_4917

Here’s a definition of Mythical Creature that I found online: ” A mystical, mythical, or legendary creature is a creature from mythology or folklore (often known as “fabulous creatures” in historical literature)” In other words, a FABULOUS being. I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately.

One friend recently wrote me to say that its a privilege to walk someone into death. She said these people get to see things, “like in Harry Potter, when they got to see the Thestrals.” I smilled…sort of knowing what she meant. Things have been happening around here for awhile.

My mom brought Justine up for a swim and some cuddles last night. Even this little mortal has taken on Mermaid form.


And I heard a beaming report of Maki from the mother of his best friends ( THE TWINS). She told me she wasn’t used to someone opening doors for her and carrying her groceries. Here’s a picture she sent from their school supply run to Target, while the kids were in Water Polo practice. ALL of Maki’s parents would be proud! I know I am.


Here are some more mythic people I’m having the pleasure of knowing…people living and working in this alternate universe of a convalescent hospital:


Dr. Hong popped by this morning, agreeing with our request that Vernon be on 24 hour morphine now. Even Vernon is no longer resisting. For the past couple of days, he resisted medication till it got too bad. He knew it kept him form the clarity of communication—the surge he knew he’d been having. It was confusing yesterday for me…until I spoke to a Hospice nurse about it. She told me it’s more important to keep him comfortable and pain free than anything else right now. As of this morning, he’s taking morphine frequently, and gratefully.


Above is a picture taken last week with his evening CNA, Judy. She’ll miss him.


Here is a picture of Ramona, his daytime CNA. She finally posed for a picture. She was too distraught when I asked her for one last week.


But she was up for one today. It’s very important that he says clean and shaved for visitors (me!)


Here I am with Carlos, one of the first residents I met here. He had stopped by our door the other day after hearing the news, offering his condolences and prayers. These patients live closer to life’s veil than most of us. Maybe  we are all close, but they are more aware of it. They live with dying everyday…in themselves and in their neighbors.


Speaking of mythical creatures, here is sweet Anita, our siren and flower-whisperer. Today she asked me to cut her a rose as she was no longer able to do that. I managed to get one to her, cut from the front garden with scissors from the reception desk. De-thorned, of course.


And here is our epic hero, Joe, a steadfast friend till the end.

Mere mortals? I think not. They are “fantastic beings” all and we are privileged to see them.







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Bracelet Clasps