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I got the following email from my dad, who lately has been shouldering the Saturday morning slot, when he has been able. Here is a picture I found of the two of them from a couple of years back. Not the best pic of them, but at least they are in it together!


Hi Allison and Anne,

Vernon had been there awhile when I showed up.  He was glad to be told he had a visitor when I was announced.

Lots of interesting things today.  I wrote a few notes to catch them.

I showed him my new (used) book on Whistler etchings, which he handled awkwardly but thought it all “beautiful.”  I showed him two art magazines, with the same response.  Later I went though one of them, page by page, holding it myself, which was better.  He read the title of one, “Southwest Art” which I thought impressive.  Later I read him one of the articles, which was pretty light weight; then read out of the etching book, which was better—for both of us.

He was preoccupied at moments about the ride he’d be getting “home” and whether they’d be coming.  “In about five minutes” was the answer he preferred.  At one point he asked the young and pretty attendant about it. The dialogue went like this:
Him: “Are you taking me?”
Her: “I’m Vietnamese.”
Him: “In the truck?”
Her: “Not Chinese, Vietnamese.”

Later he burst out,
“O God, I forgot my English bank card.
“That’s really bad!
“I don’t know if I’ll need it.
“If I do, I’m screwed.”

He said he’d been swimming earlier this morning. I asked him where and he wracked his brain to remember, exasperated that he couldn’t.  He also said he’d be going to “the exhibition” tomorrow but again, couldn’t name the place.  Knew it south of Oceanside, south of Solano Beach, but not as far as San Diego.  Again, he was frustrated with himself that he couldn’t remember these place names.  I told him I’m the same way much of the time.

I asked him about his roommate, Joe, but he said he’d not seen him lately, not at all.

At one point he was moving around so much the machine started beeping and the staff came over to check on things.  Vernon said that happens when the car moves.  Snova drives the car.

I asked if he’d heard from his parents of late and he said no.  Then he corrected himself and said he’d received a letter, but it was out of date.

I talked a little about Justine and Maki, with some details of Maki’s new start in high school.  He said Maki is really funny, that’s why he loves him.  He also brought up the other Maki.
“The other Maki?” I asked.
“Yes, Maki Maki.  M. A. K. I.  That’s how you spell it.

Toward the end he really wanted to get out of the chair and fought a bit, cursed a bit, when restrained, first by me, then helped by others.  He then calmed down, being told the drivers were just five minutes away.
About half an hour later (on time) they did come, and I was excused, per their wish.

So, there’s a report.

Love to you both,



“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” —Mark Twain

From Allison: I’m taking this opportunity to remind people that we are still in need of sitters for Vernon. I believe this week is covered, but I will be going away on a brief trip soon , and it would be great to know things are settled here. Vernon is increasingly better company at Dialysis, and is able to sit still much longer and more comfortably.  Please consider being involved with Vernon’s healing journey and sign up for a spot HERE.

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