Heavenly Signs
Creativity Workshop

Yesterday, the Logie family (three of them this time) showed up to play music. They also brought board games, face paint, watercolors, brushes, and paper. It was as if Saturday’s Creativity Workshop had folded itself up and flown up to Costa Mesa only to open itself in front of us again. It was wonderful.


Annie was a wizard with the face paint,


…which matched Anita’s sweater.



Bridging the gap with a board game from Lord-knows-when. Actually on the way home, Maki suggested we stop at the bookstore to buy a board game “because they’re fun.”


98 year old Alta saw that music was playing through her window, and caught my attention with her tapping. I wheeled her outside so she could enjoy a front row spot (as well as Chris’ hat.)


IMG_4044  IMG_4071


Paintings were made, dancing was done.

IMG_4069 IMG_4077 IMG_4078 IMG_4083

When Bingo got out, we drew an even larger crowd.


Even Ramona, Vernon’s favorite CNA, came in for a hug as she was leaving for the day.


Even the garden statues seemed to be in on the fun.

The creative sparks were alive and well at Mesa Verde .

Long may they continue.



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Heavenly Signs
Creativity Workshop