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“The arts are not a way to make a living. They are very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’ sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.” —Kurt Vonnegut


I am looking forward to my next speaking/creative event in two weeks. A couple of people who attended the one we did in September were inspired to ‘take it on the road,’ at least for one more stop. This time, its a different core community, so we are going to change it up a little, based on the artists that are on hand. I’m really excited about it because I love collaborating with different folks.  I think God speaks to us through ideas sometimes, and there iare rarely none more idea-centric than creative folk.  So I’m hoping to tap into their wizened resources while telling some of my own awkward tales of discovery and hopefully, landing at some truth and inspiration we can all take home with us.  Here are the workshops that will be offered:


Hand-lettering is really popular at the moment with all the quirky chalkboards and signage popping up around Etsy and the coolest cafes. The nice thing about lettering is all you need is a pen and paper (and maybe a pot of ink.) And you can embellish howver you want, whenever you want. There are rules to classic calligraphy, but not to handwriting. Leave your mark, play around. It feels good to get lost in the doodles, they don’ t have to mean anything. But you are already making something more beautiful than before, just by putting your hand to paper.

Jewelry Making:

As this is a short workshop, we were trying to figure out the best way to make jewelry and still have it feel creative, for each person to put together something unique. Brenda and Rene will be dismantaling the old pieces that have been brought in. The women will learn to make new pieces out of the old. This is not just a good exercise in working with your hands and making creative choices, its a literal exercise in one-woman’s-trash-becoming-another’s-treasure….and the old and tossed-away being remade into something new and valuable.

Oil Painting:

This station will be manned by both an abstract and a figurative painter. This station will be great for those who have always been intimidated but attracted to oil painting as a medium This is a chance to learn how to mix color and apply it to a canvas. Of course you may make a painting as well. We are hoping this station will inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and hopefully it will be something you go on to try at home on your own time, with another creative tool under their belts.


I wasn’t so sure about this one when I first heard the idea, but after I saw some of Allyson Twitchell’s pieces, I became truly excited. These are beautiful, and suimply made. I think this will be a great for the ‘gatherers’ among us, those who want to ‘find’ the art by going into nature first… and then be able to relax as they weave the pieces together. What a great addition to any room too! I want one!

Guided Prayer (Using Pastels):

Christine Sloane will be hosting this particular area. She will encourage people to find a space for God and meditation by using paints and pastels. This is an opportunity to find a deeper peace and open up your spiritual and creative connection, which is not only powerful: it feels GREAT!

I am a huge believer  in the concept that Creative Practice is more powerful than we understand. I’ve always felt this to be true (easy for me to say, I know…I’m an artist) but now, dealing with unexpected trauma and all its fall-out, I believe it more strongly than before. I also believe that this isn’t just for artist-types, but its a Divinely-given human gift that we can all tap into. We are individuals: we can all learn to practice that from the inside-out. It’s a survival skill.

Here is the link, if you would like to sign up. It’s two weekends away, and only for women (sorry, guys!) My lovely friends, the Logie Sisters will be performing and coffee and treats will be served.

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Here is the link, if you know someone who might be interested. We have two weeks to fill out these tables, and I’m expecting it to be a creatively- invigorating event.  Also: all non-creatives are invited (as if there is such a thing…you’ll see!)

If you are near Capistrano Beach, November 7, 9am-12, this is for you! $20 per ticket (and supplies). $5 each for child care. Win!

http://www.capobeachchurch.com/event/765739-2015-11-07-womens-creative-workshop/ Please sign up HERE.  (We would like to know as soon as possible how many will be in attendance, thanks!)









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